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3D in Iran By  Faramarz  Ghahremanifar

ISU Representative in Iran

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  • The magnificent and marvellous buildings and structures in the holy shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.), comprises one of the oldest and most beautiful religious and historical monuments in the world.
    The grand complex of the holy shrine is round in structure which includes six courtyards (Sahn), twenty - one porches (Riwaq), the Gowhar shad Mosque, Razavi University of Islamic Sciences, Islamic Research Foundation, Museums, the Central Library Complex, Offices, Hospital, Inn and the buildings for performing ablutions. The present surface area of the holy shrine is 267079 sq.meters.
    The magnificent and grand structures located in the holy shrine are as follows: ........................

The International Stereoscopic Union (ISU) is the only international 3D association in the world. The ISU is a club of individual 3D enthusiasts as well as a club of stereo clubs. The ISU's members currently number 800 and come from 34 countries world-wide.

3D-Photography, 3D Video Imaging, Computer Stereo, Holography, Virtual Reality and all other stereoscopic photography techniques are used by members of the ISU.

Although the ISU caters mainly to the 3D amateur photographer, the ISU also has much to offer members who are professional stereo photographers as well as those who are more involved in the scientific aspects of the stereoscopic image. ........................

We offer

3D LENTICULAR POINT OF SALE SIGNS On 1st April 2002 3D Creations opened for business and now supply the above services. Using the latest technology, films are processed and negatives digitally scanned before image correction is applied to enhance the image quality of the finished lenticular print.


2D to 3D Lenticular Convert

  • THE DESIGN OF THE PEP stereoscope is based on the pocket stereoscopes used by the military for air photo interpretation. They're made entirely of crystal-clear plastic and are held at the correct focus by wire legs
    that fold up when the stereoscope isn't being used. The 4/3.4 inch focal lengh of the lenses magnifies the images about 2.2 times. A nice feature of these stereoscopes is that the interocular distance can be adjusted from 60 to 70 mm to precisely suit each individual user. Hubbard stereoscopes cannot be combined with other types of viewers for quantity discounts.
  • Create the illusion of 3-D when used in conjunction with stereo pictures or aerial photos. Made of high impact, crystal-clear plastic resistant and thick (The weight of that without case is 80 gr & with case is 110 gr ) with a 2.2 magnification, 4.7 focal length, adjustable inter-pupillary distance, and folding legs for compact storage with a case for taking care of . Use with any of the stereo books or stereo photo sets..................
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